Shoreditch Maternity Photo Shoot | London Photographer

A very special London Maternity Photo Shoot on the blog for you today! 
Meet Georgie and Ewan and the future baby Weewan! This memorable afternoon took place just before Christmas and even though it was chilly outside we were lucky enough to be catch a day with some beautiful winter sun.

Georgie & Ewan live in East London and wanted their shoot to be fun & vibrant, so we chose Bricklane & Shoreditch as two great locations to capture our pics. Also fitting in a visit to the rooftop of The Curtain Hotel. What I love about Shoreditch is that the streets are filled with ever-changing graffiti art, and this evolving urban landscape really shows the change in time.

They day after we shot this 'Love With No Filter' was painted over - we felt very lucky to have captured our images before it changed - thanks to kaleidoscopic street art from London-based artist Lakwena for painting #LoveWithNoFilter which spanned the front of the Redchurch Room, Redchurch street.

Georgie and Ewan have since introduced their baby Sadie (Weewan) into the world & I can't wait to meet her!


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