Wedding Flowers by Sadie Drinkwater

Floral photography is an important part of any wedding, so having the opportunity to recently speak with
Florist Sadie Drinkwater about how best to photograph flowers provided me with some valuable insights.  
The thought and consideration that the bride puts in when selecting her flowers is the initial stage, followed by the talent and honed skills of the florist, who will bring those ideas and choices to reality, creating personalised pieces solely for that special day. 

Sadie produced these breathtaking bridal flowers for the wedding of Cecilia and Dave, of which I had the honour to photograph last year at Kew Gardens Sadie's acute attention to detail & passion for her craft allowed me as a photographer to learn how to improve my florist photography. When I am about to photograph a creative piece, taking into consideration of how best to capture the artists intentions is essential. I do this by taking a moment to think about the creation, how & why it was made in this way & how my photograph can portray that.

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