The Groove Cruise, Miami 2012


MIA to Great Stirrup Cay & Nassau Bahamas with a lineup of djs playing nonstop music for 72 hours - SANDER VAN DOORN, ROGER SANCHEZ, VICTOR CALDERONE, CHUS + CEBALLOS, THOMAS GOLD, Funkagenda + over 50 more

At the end of January I went to Miami and spent 3 days onboard the Groove Cruise, where I took photos for DJ Magazine aiming to capture the full vibe and atmosphere of the event.

It was such a fantastic experience, with some memories and shots captured that will forever put a smile on my face. I hope you all enjoy the pics too.

( ..and yes my American slang improved tenfold. 'You bet'! )

To find out more about The Groove cruise  - 

Check out my work published in this months magazine No.507 and for some more photos of the event head to the K-ography Facebook page here

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