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Test MAG is an online magazine that offers a cross section through current and exciting influences in fashion, art, film, design and music.

Test presents is the mag's fashion film club and last month I was asked to pop down and take photos to document the event. Held in the impressive newly renovated Bethnal Green Town Hall, Test Presents is such an interesting concept, as it brings together the inspiring elements of fashion and film, and aids discovery by sharing and discussion.

The lovely and engaging fashion and prop designer Fred Butler co-hosted the evening, with a screening of ‘The Cockettes’, a documentary about the 1970's psychedelic drag queen troupe who went from an underground cult to a mainstream phenomenon. Glitter, hand made costumes, non-narrative revues and creative spontaneity, the screening was followed by a few words from Fred, where she discussed her choice of film and its influences on her work.

The night was popular and enlightening and if you haven't yet got yourself down to one of these evenings then I highly recommend it.
Many thanks to the guys from Testmag for inviting me down and to Fred Butler for the great choice of film and an insight into some of the thought processes behind her work. It was lovely to meet you and has certainly got me thinking about ideas of communes and creative exploration via collaboration.

More about TESTMAG can be found at - http://testmag.co.uk/
+ Check out some more of Fred Butler's happenings here - @fredbutlerstyle

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