StreetFest is the only live-art street festival in UK. Its ethos consists of continuous audience participation and stimulation aiming to create a community of collective creativity.

I was asked to photograph the festival for one of it’s main sponsors Koppaberg; my brief being to capture the atomsophere and vibe of the day and all the artists and performance presenting their creative vision and style.  Held in Hearn Street Car Park, Shoreditch the day saw a collection of over 20 artists and designers taking part in live demos, dances, battles and screenings throughout the day.

Before I even got involved on the day I knew it was going to be such an experience; normally i don't get a chance to surround myself which such a variety of cultures and talent. It was enthralling to be part of the process and to see a ‘piece of art’ created, from start to finish through the performances.

I meet some great people, crossing all disciplines of creative arts, but one of my favorite experiences from the day was seeing the dance group B.Supreme . These girls had style and attitude and just photographing the female dancer's energy was completely infectious.

I think you'll see from a few of the photos snapped why i find doing this job just so rewarding and stimulating.

"A delivery of what creative thinkers crave" - STREETFEST


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